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acetabulum's Journal

21 June
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ali g, american movie, american natural history museum, andrea rosen, animalia, anthony van dyck, antonio lopez garcia, art, artistic anatomy, authors, babe, beaver ducks, bill murray, bill o'reilly, books, built to spill, camper van beethoven, capital letters, car talk, carroll gardens, cartoons, chelsea, chris matthews, craft, crossfire, david sedaris, death cab for cutie, dr. strangelove, drawing, eric fischl, etymology, eugene delacroix, failure, folk implosion, fyodor dostoevsky, gagosian, galleries, george de la tour, ghostbusters, gregory crewdson, gross anatomy, groundhog day, hank williams, hans holbein, hazmat modine, heroism, hiroshige, hokusai, illusionism, inka essenhigh, irony, jan van eyck, jeffrey eugenides, jenny saville, johannes vermeer, john currin, johnny cash, jonathan ames, jonathan franzen, jonathan lethem, lemurs, leonardo, liberalism, luna, malcolm in the middle, mark tansey, mary boone, matthew barney, metro pictures, michael chabon, michal rovner, michelangelo, museums, national public radio, natural selection, news radio, nick drake, nintendo, north carolina zoological park, office space, other languages, p.p.o.w., pace wildenstein, painters, painting, paul auster, paul theroux, paul thomas anderson, pavement, peter paul rubens, peter sellers, photo journalism, photoshop, physical anthropology, pixar, pixies, political punditry, polygamy porter, president george w. bush, promises, punctuation, ralph nader, ralphie, rem, robert beverly hale, sarah ann livengood (formerly), satire, science fact, science fiction, scrabble, semantics, senator john kerry, sid meier's civilization iii, star trek, stereolab, steve mumford, stories, super mario brothers, talking heads, technique, teddy, the beach boys, the beatles, the breeders, the brian lehrer show, the bronx zoo, the daily show, the flaming lips, the halo benders, the leonard lopate show, the new yorker, the onion, the summer solstice, the zombies, they might be giants, thick skin, this is spinal tap, trivial pursuit, vince guaraldi, vincent desiderio, vistigial organs, wait wait...don't tell me, wes anderson, what do you know?, will cotton, wnyc, writing, yo la tengo, zoos