Andy (acetabulum) wrote,

Pretty Sunday

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It had been horribly humid for the second half of the week that culminated with a very hazy Saturday. I was out of the city delivering art and cakes for much of that day, and the visibility of the skyline was pretty low as we were driving back in. Then a violent storm blew in from New Jersey which took all the nastiness with it. So Sunday was clear and mild.
Sarah and I went for breakfast in the morning. I had a ham and cheese egg white omelet with coffee, home fries, and wheat toast. She had a plain omelet with french fries, and a bagel. Then we went for a walk in the city to do one of Sarah's favorite nice day activities: dog watching in Washington Square Park.
Then we walked down the Hudson to smell the salty air. We both got sunburned. She more than me but neither of us too severely. It was nice.
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