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It's Sarah's Birthday...Again.

Tonight is the night of the expensive dinner I still owe my wife. Neither of us felt up to a good meal this week, so we decided to delay it--and the rest of her birthday--until this weekend. Somehow, even when she has good birthdays, Sarah finds a way to extend her birthday past the usual 24 hours everybody else gets. It never works for me, but she never fails. So just one week later we are celebrating Sarah's birthday again.
Even though the week has been a rough one, the weather has been beautiful in the city proving once again that September is the best month in the city. It has gotten a little warmer which is unfortunate, but the haze has been gone for almost two weeks now, so eighty feels like eighty again and all is well.
We saw Shaun of the Dead earlier at the before one o'clock discount price of 6.50. I honestly think it is one of the better Zombie movies I have ever seen. Forget George Romero. I've never recognized the brilliance of his trilogy, and I don't think anybody is going to convince me of it anytime soon. The one that we saw today succeeds with all of the comedic elements everybody is convinced makes a movie like Dawn of the Dead such a classic. Only this one does it a lot better. And a lot smarter. Sorry George.
We came home and took a nap. This is part of our typical weekend schedule. Teddy was missed, but Ralphie was good enough to fill the void--as he has been all week long. Sarah was still sleeping when I woke-up, so I decided to go out and get her a present for her second twenty-fifth birthday. Last time I got her a kitchen pig statue from the brand new Target at the Atlantic Terminal here in Brooklyn. Today I went to Frida's Closet, a hip little clothing store on Smith Street here in Carroll Gardens. It's a cute little store the owner, though--like so many artsy women, especially those of hispanic descent--seems to have what I consider an unhealthy love of Frida Khalo, and has many T-shirts based on the artist's paintings. Personally, I like the shirts more than the paintings.
I bought Sarah a pair of dangly earrings for her newly re-pierced ears (note I was torn on whether or not to use the phrase re-newly pierced, which I actually like better, but thought didn't make as much sense). She saw them, the earrings, last weekend when we went window shopping. I reported on that in an earlier more somber entry. I left the box on her pillow, so that she would see it when she woke-up. Like magic. I would have waited until later, but I don't know where any wrapping paper is. Besides, I like the idea that they just appeared there.
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