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By Tuesday I am fading

I called in sick from the Princeton Review yesterday. It was to be my forth day on the job, but the illness that sidelined Sarah for much of last week caught up with me and I called in sick to a job for the first time in years and years. It wasn't just that Sarah had been sick. Rachel, who I work with at the Elizabeth Foundation, was also sick for a lot of last week, and I had to work the front desk this past weekend at the Open Studios there. The doors were open. It was cold. I had a couple glasses of wine Sunday night followed by a couple Nyquil when I got home. Bad combination. I spent the rest of the night in a hallucinatory stupor somewhere between sleep and awake.
So I was home yesterday paying attention to the evolving news cycle. A week away from the election, three major public appearances seemed to rule the day. President Clinton was out of the house and campaigning for Senator Kerry Philadelphia just 7 weeks after his quadruple bipass. Governor Schwarzeneger, after he claimed he would stay in Caleeforneea and not do any out of state campaigning for the president is apparently Ohio-bound. The third story was actually the first story chronologically. It occured on Saturday, so it took a couple days before the news cycle could actually catch up. Not to worry, the media did find this most important of news stories, and by Monday the country was finally united again behind a single cause. No matter who you're voting for a week from today, odds are yesterday you and everybody you know were ridiculing a 17 year old girl. Hooray.
That's right, Ashlee Simpson got caught using the wrong back-up voice track in her second performance on Saturday Night Live this season, and America is outraged. With all of the outrage I currently hold revolving around worldly events and the probability of election outcomes, I can only afford to ration off a small level of righteous indignation when it comes to Ms. Simpson, and frankly I find the second E in her first name far more inexcusable than the bombshell dropped by her use of backing--or even solo--vocal tracks at live performances. I cannot even begin to explain why this is not an important story. Everybody knows pop singers lip sync at live performances. This is not a Milli Vanilli sort of thing (not that that was all that big a deal, either). Those guys didn't even sing on their records. They were just pretty, light-skinned German guys who were offered a lot of money to pretend they sang songs they didn't really sing. Much in the way Lou Diamond Philips lip-synced over Los Lobos in La Bamba.
I am going to finish this later.
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