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pH balanced for a rod

There is a stick of deodorant in my medicine cabinet. Well that's where it is supposed to be, but seeing that I was the last person to touch it odds are it is sitting by the sink. I am sure Sarah will put it away when she gets home. If not, I will have a pretty good idea where to find it next time I need it. Anyhow, the brand is Speed Stick, and it is a variety known as 24/7. Right now, in the Tri-state area at least, there is an advertising campaign running for this kind of deodorant/anti-perspirant starring no other than former Texas Ranger and new third baseman for the New York Yankees. Alex Rodriguez.
Here's a synopsis. ARod is jogging through some New York neighborhood (in the Bronx, maybe), and all the locals are shouting to him words of encouragement like "Hey Alex, how many homers you gonna hit tonight!?!" ARod then looks to the camera and says something to the extent of "New York? Pressure? Nooooo." The point of the commercial being that ARod, the most overpaid man in sports history, was able to overcome all the pressure that goes along with performing for the most overpaid and highest decorated team in sports only with the help of Speed Stick 24/7. The intended outcome being that men all over will measure the amount of pressure they must be under against that of ARod, decide that they are not under nearly as much pressure as him, and realize it might be time for a new deodorant.

The fact that this particular brand found its way into my medicine cabinet can be explained on of two ways. It was either pure coincidence, or Sarah, a real-life Yankee fan, bought it for me so as to show her brand loyalty. I certainly didn't buy it.

Anyhow, I had two interviews today. I had one interview and one phone call really. The phone call happened around eleven o'clock. It was a short conversation with a guy from the Princeton Review which ended with the two of us scheduling a real interview to be held in person next week. I left that situation feeling pretty positive about my chances of getting the job. The second interview was for an unpaid internship I've mentioned before. I walked away from that situation having gotten the job. A job that pays nothing and would require at least 12 hours of work per week. It would be very difficult to swing both jobs, so if I get the job at the P. R., I probably won't be with the Elizabeth Foundation for long. This is a shame because it seems like a pretty good environment to work in.

Having skipped out on the Elizabeth interview earlier this week on grounds of a dirty shirt, I thought it only right to dress up for the second attempt. Anybody who has known me for anytime whatsoever probably thinks of a white t-shirt and jeans to be one of my staple outfit. I've recently grown tired of white t-shirts in general, and I've stopped wearing them even as undershirts. The problem with this practice presented itself today when the light blue shirt I chose to wear today began to turn dark blue in the armpit area.
I admit that I was under some pressure today to make a good first impression with possible employers, but it was hardly that of a two-on-two-out situation with an 0-and-two count in the bottom of the ninth. You would think that the anti-perspirant that is formulated to handle such situations should have been able to take the mild stress level I was facing, but either I'm far more man than ARod or the product is not nearly as affective as advertised. Either way, for days like this one, I feel like I have a better chance of not sweating with no deodorant on at all.

That's all I had to say really.
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