Andy (acetabulum) wrote,

Here we go again

As is my habit with sketchbooks I am beginning a new journal with the old one barely even begun. I had a livejournal account under the name dessin a couple years ago which I abandoned after three or four entries. If the past means anything, this one will likly meet a similar fate. We'll see.
I started this one for a couple of reasons. Having finished with graduate school in May, I have spent the last few months doing very little. I have been spending the days on craigslist looking for work and sending out resumes, but the only work I've gotten has been freelance art and cake moving which I got through my former advisor in school. It's cool but unreliable. The rest of the days are spent either reading or watching TV.
I haven't gotten any real work done. I haven't painted since graduation--and won't until I have enough income to support a studio. I don't know when that's going to be.I haven't written anything in I-don't-know-how-long, but it's been something I have been wanting to get back into especially since painting isn't really an option right now. Maybe going through the motions will help to get it. Maybe not.
So that's the real reason. The other reason, which was more of a catalyst to the whole process than a real reason, was to apply for this community that a friend of mine is a member of. It's a literary community made up primarily, I think, of high school and college students who spend their time congratulating each other on their good taste of books and stuff. The other half is spent ridiculing those masochistic enough to post a list of their favorites seeking addmition into the community. Having spent seven years in art school I hardly think that these people are packing enough heat to actually cause any damage to my ego. We'll see.
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