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Just a little typing before I go out

Another Monday and I am not working. I do have a job interview today, so even if I had been asked to work I would have had to decline. But nobody even asked me. Just when I thought that framer's gig was going to be a fairly regular thing I have gone three business days without a single call. I worked for Barbara in the delivery business on Friday, but who knows when the next time she'll call me will be? After two or three weeks of pretty steady work I might be back to the slow plotting of so much of the last few months.
But don't fret, I do have an interview for an unpaid internship today. Hooray. At least I'll have something to do with my days. The internship, which I learned about through Catherine, my former advisor who also got me the job with Barbara, is with something called The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. They have a website, but it's under construction. Honestly, I am not even sure what it means to be a foundation for the arts.
Even if I get this position, what does it mean to me? I'll have a place to be a couple days a week, sure, but is that all? I won't be getting paid. There's no guarantee, nor is there necessarily any prospect, of me being able to parlay it into a more stable paid position. It could help to pad my resume, but if that's it, would it really be worth it? I honestly don't know. I set the interview up a week ago, so I figure there is a fairly substantial chance they won't even be expecting me.

There is another prospect set up by Amy, a friend of mine from school. She sent my resume in to her contacts at The Princeton Review, who have since told her that they will be getting in touch with me soon. It would be a part-time position doing I-don't-know-what for probably about $12 an hour. If I did end up getting this paid position it might make the unpaid internship possible. One of these days my entries will not have so much to do with the nature of my current joblessness. I promise.
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